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Attic and Crawl Space Cleanup

If you smell rat feces when you are walking through out your house you have a rat problem. Rat feces and urine cause damage to exposed areas. In many cases rats make a nest in the attic, where it is nice and warm near the heating ducts. In some situations the ducts are damaged or breach and rat related diseases are pumped through the ventilation system. We can restore your attic to a healthy level and get rid of the smell of rats in your home.

Got a Dead Rat in the Vent Pipe or Ducting?

The smell of a dead animal in your ventilation pipes can last for weeks. The decomposing body is also dangerous to be around, especially if the rotting animal is directly in the air supply like a heating duct. Our South Florida dead rodent removal experts can locate the dead animals and get rid of them.

Attic Rat Proofing

Rat proofing can sometimes require several different strategies. Our rat control professionals in South Flrida first make sure the area is properly sanitized to make sure nothing in the affected area is attracting the pests or causing health issues. Once the area is properly sanitized, there are several options for controlling the rats and pests.

Insulation Removal and Replacement

People who need South Florida attic rat removal need to make sure they find a rat control company that provides thorough attic cleaning and restoration. Our pest control professionals will perform attic insulation removal to expose the pests’ hiding places. We have been performing attic rat removal in South Florida since 1983. We can remove the attic rats, restore the attic surfaces and then replace the insulation once the pests have been removed.

Crawl Space Decontamination

Our professionals know that rats and pests can get into the crawl space as well, because they are attracted to the warmth and moisture of these places in the home. Rats also enjoy being protected from the elements, and crawl spaces provide this protection. Crawl space cleaning in South Florida is the best way to ensure these pests are driven out of their hiding places.

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